Happy holiday shopping!

As Cyber Monday approaches, check out the online shops of some of our favorite bloggers:

Watson Kennedy by Ted Kennedy Watson


SHOP TEN 25 by Abbe Fenimore


Curious Sofa by Debbie Dusenberry


zhush by Sue De Chiara


6Wilson by Carol Beck


Design Darling by Mackenzie Horan


Lynne Knowlton (this is one of the free printables that she is also offering on her blog, Design the Life You Want to Live!) by Lynne Knowlton
Happy shopping!



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Dunes and Duchess

Happy Halloween!

All week long, Stacy Kunstel has been posting images on the Dunes & Duchess Instagram account with an eery, spooky look. Though each of them feature their iconic candelabras, their Dunes & Duchess line now includes furniture, accessories and, just recently, colorful Poppy Towel Bars and large graphic prints. Nothing but treats!

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Fresh is the New Green

Photo by Jessica Gordon Ryan

I was delighted to visit the Wheelock Maidique showroom in Old Greenwich, CT last evening. I’ve known Chuck Wheelock through social media but I hadn’t met him and I wanted to see a new kitchen feature that they were introducing.

Chuck Wheelock

Chuck and his partner, Mark Alex Maidique, were fun, knowledgable and entertaining but I wasn’t prepared to be so dazzled by the Chefs EcoWall Garden.

Chefs EcoWall Garden

You may remember that I adore having fresh herbs on my kitchen windowsill. Well this unit takes it to a whole new level. It is light, bright, fresh and a showstopper in a kitchen. Imagine being able to grow fresh veggies and herbs, year round, right on your kitchen wall. I was smitten. Bravo Wheelock Maidique!

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Bloggers on vacation

Photo from Nest by Tamara

As summer is winding down, bloggers have been grabbing the last few days for some vacation time and taking some trips.

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Amy Meier Design

It’s hard to believe that it was three years ago when Amy Meier was expecting her first child and shared her nursery design.

Amy Meier Design

Now with her daughter nearly 3, and a second daughter who just turned one, Amy has redesigned the room that they share in a softer color palette.

Amy Meier Design

To see what elements stayed the same and what changes she made, click through to see her beautiful girls’ room on her blog.

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Better Homes and Gardens – June 2014 issue

I hope you had a chance to see the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. There were lots of mentions of bloggers throughout the issue.

Starting out with BHG’s first annual Blogger Award!

I love that they included both a Readers’ Choice and an Editors’ Choice pick for each category. {Congratulations to The Inspired Room and Pencil Shavings Studio for winning in the Decorating category.}

Next, there was Grant K. Gibson highlighted in a story about color…

And BHG’s own East Coast Editor, Eddie Ross, shared how to plan and host an engagement celebration with a multi-page spread.

It’s great to see magazines stepping up and featuring bloggers in each issue. Congratulations to Better Homes and Gardens!


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Memorial Day 2014

“Not for fame or reward, not for place or for rank, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity, but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it.”

- Dr. Randolph Harrison McKim

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Books by bloggers

There are some fabulous new books, penned by bloggers, that are hitting the shelves right now. These would make fabulous gifts, but be sure to pick up a copy for yourself too!

Ted Kennedy Watson, the cheerful, savvy proprietor of the Watson Kennedy shops, is the author of Style & Simplicity. As he says, “Let this inspiring book be a starting point for discovering things you love and integrating them into your beautiful life.”

Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar offers lots of visual inspiration for living colorfully. In Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for Make-You-Smile Style, Will shows how to introduce color into your home.

In The Jewel Box Home, Genevieve Ferraro, who pens the blog of the same name, offers savvy advice about decorating, entertaining and living happily in a smaller home.


The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful is the title of the new book by Myquillyn Smith (aka The Nester). Using her trademark motto, she shares from her personal experience the tips and advice of working with what you have and enjoying the beauty in everyday life.

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BlogTourNYC: BLANCO – Earth Day 2014

The gorgeous BLANCO ONE™ sink

As part of BlogTourNYC, we were interviewed by Lori Dolnick for BLANCO’s series of videos featuring Designer Tips to Make Every Day Earth Day. The videos will be posted this week, so keep watch for all of them!

You may know BLANCO as the maker of high quality, luxury sinks and faucets – they are a frequent BlogTour sponsor! – and it is easy to see why people gravitate towards them. Not only are they a quality product but they have innovative designs – like the BLANCO ONE sink above that has accessories for chopping and storage to customize your kitchen work area.

It was great fun to hear how each of us finds ways to make small changes in our lifestyle that can add up to big changes for our environment. Just in listening to all of the ideas it made me realize that there are a lot of ways to help. And as BLANCO suggests, let’s make every day Earth Day.


I participated in an expense-paid trip to New York City as part of Modenus’ BlogTourNYC.

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BlogTourNYC: The Lessons – Tess Casey

The Flower District in NYC… a place of beauty and intrigue as people bustle about with armloads of the most exquisite flowers. We were treated to a private tour of the shops and a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the floral community.

Tess Casey

The vivacious Tess Casey, the owner of Aisling Flowers, led us through the aisles, pointing out special flowers and offering tips on selection.

Tess produces flower arrangements for all types of occasions but she specializes in ‘camera ready’ flowers that are used on television and movie sets. For example, she did the flowers for the Sex in the City movie. One part of that included making 50 identical bridal bouquets that were specially designed to fall apart in the scene where Carrie hits Mr. Big with her bouquet. Lots of work goes into creating that movie magic!

Tess instructed us on the basics of floral design and then handed each of us a bucket of flowers and a vase to create our own arrangements.

It was surprising to see how many variations of floral arrangements could be created using the same flowers. This is a creative group and each arrangement was unique and beautiful.

This is the first BlogTour that featured lessons and though we all appreciate the beauty and freshness that flowers can bring to an environment, few of us knew the specifics of creating a good arrangement. Tess was a patient instructor giving us pointers on the techniques used but allowing our own creativity to take over in the design.

Typhanie Peterson

Thank you Tess for your time, patience and inspiration. It was a delight to spend a morning with you at your studio. And  special thanks to Megan Reilly and Troy Hanson of WestEdge Design Fair for scheduling this event!

I participated in an expense-paid trip to New York City as part of Modenus’ BlogTourNYC.

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