The Lisa Porter Collection

Photo courtesy of Maggie Austin via The Lisa Porter Collection

Photo courtesy of Frances Palmer via The Lisa Porter Collection

Lisa Porter has paired together two exquisite masters of their craft: Maggie Austin who creates cakes with ‘elegance and sophistication’ and Frances Palmer who crafts one-of-a-kind pottery including vases that ‘enliven any flower bouquet.’ ┬áLisa’s artistic eye has paired up the gorgeous contributions of each of these talented women. ┬áSee The Lisa Porter Collection for more examples of their beautiful work.

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One Response to The Lisa Porter Collection

  1. Lisa Porter says:

    What a nice surprise! Maggie Austin & Frances Palmer are so incredibly talented! The first time I saw one of Maggie’s cakes, I instantly thought of Frances’ work.
    You know I recieved very nice notes from both and I can tell you that they are as warm & friendly as thier work is beautiful!
    You’ve had the priviledge of meeting Frances, am I right?
    Thank you so much Marcy for the mention. I love Stylesson and added a button at TLPC earlier this week.
    Have a great weekend.
    xo lisa