Hooked on Houses

Country Living

Hooked on Houses was one of the first blogs that I followed. Julia always has interesting features about homes: movie houses, celebrity homes – and my favorite – bad MLS photos! Recently she discussed ‘creating perfect vignettes’ that make your house look more like a store than a home.

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4 Responses to Hooked on Houses

  1. Jessica Ryan says:

    love the look of the suitcases! I’ve done this with wicker picnic baskets.

  2. Susan LW says:

    OMG! Thank you for turning me on to Hooked on Houses! It’s hilarious.


  3. María says:

    You have an award on my blog, do not forget to pick it up. Congratulations!

  4. Oh, this is one of my favorite photos from Country Living! I have it torn out and pinned up in my study! All those gorgeous suitcases–someday I hope to have that many . . . 🙂