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For Japan With Love

I’m participating in Bloggers’ Day of Silence to raise awareness and respect, and to acknowledge the devastation going on in Japan. From the site Ever Ours: For Japan With Love has a direct link on the website to a fundraising page for … Continue reading

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Slim Paley

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Dublin-born and half-Irish, Slim Paley offers lots of green inspiration for the day – and plenty of inspiration every other day, too.

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This is Lisa’s daughter’s room – what a beautiful room for a girl! See Hamptontoes for the pretty blue lucite chair that is the latest addition to this room.

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Jonathan Legate

So what do you do when your client has selected the tile for their backsplash and then you find that it is backordered and another selection must be made… well, if you are the talented and tenacious Jonathan Legate you … Continue reading

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Thoughts about Japan

Many bloggers have been sharing their thoughts about Japan and ways to help.  Here are a few: Apartment #34 Design Love Fest Low Tide High Style and here oh happy day Dreamy Whites la Brocanteuse Habitually Chic The Adventures of … Continue reading

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marcy’s message

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami. But, even if we aren’t directly affected, isn’t that all of us?  We all are people of the world and what touches one, … Continue reading

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la Brocanteuse

Colette of la Brocanteuse has an eye for beautiful, elegant details. Step into this visual tour of Newberry Avenue by John Jacob Zwiegelaar for a peek of this lush house done in a ‘monochrome range of grays and soft greens’.

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Tracery Interiors

Paige at tracery shares how her living room came to be.  It involves buying a house that she hadn’t seen, moving the house and then making some changes… but I’ll let her tell the story. Continue reading

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The Adventures of Tartanscot

At The Adventures of Tartanscot, Scot Meacham Wood performs ‘designer math’ as he takes the mystery out of hanging a light fixture over a dining table. I adore the photos of the rich, elegant rooms that he designs.

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Beach City Life & Style

‘Orange is the best brightener for all things dreary’ and there are some beautiful selections at Beach City Life & Style. It’s always nice to have something bright!

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