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If The Lamp Shade Fits

Cutting-edge and with a sharp wit, Raina Cox writes the blog If The Lamp Shade Fits.  I love her humor, or maybe it is because she calls us ‘Dumplings’…

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Low Tide High Style

Kat is a photographer with heart.  She sees the light and the beauty, and captures it. At Low Tide High Style she shares her incredible photos but also pours out her heart.  She’s started to share links to other blogs … Continue reading

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The Magpie’s Fancy

Gigi Thibodeau is a writer. On her blog, The Magpie’s Fancy, she shares her writing and it offers a very personal glance at who she is. These photos of her home also offer a very personal glance into her life. I enjoy … Continue reading

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Pretty Pink Tulips

Elizabeth Moyer talks about a Fresh Start at Pretty Pink Tulips. Look at her gorgeous desk – what a lovely space to create and write!

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