mimi + meg

22 (untitled boob painting)

mimi + meg is a bright, colorful, modern blog by Megan Biram. She has always wanted to be an artist and now she has started a new art project. This is what she says:

I love the idea of the body as a brush, and have always had an appreciation for nude art. Breasts are one of the outward symbols of femininity, and they are one of the main things that physically make us female. To me, they are beautiful. And when I think about women who get cancer from the very part of their body that makes them a woman, it just blows my mind. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know someone who’s had breast cancer; I have friends, family members, and colleagues, that have all suffered from breast cancer. They have all been a huge source of inspiration for this series. So combining my curiosity for the body as a brush, my appreciation of breasts, and the sensitive subject of breast cancer, my idea for boob paintings was born… ┬áThe works are all untitled until purchased, and the purchaser gets to name the painting after the person that currently has or has had breast cancer that inspired them to purchase the painting.

Meg’s project is fun, but it is also a wonderful tribute to the women who have dealt with breast cancer.

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