Remembrance by Hamptontoes

Today I remember the sadness, heartache and fear I had living in New York City on September 11th one decade ago.
Today I remember the bravery of the NYFD and NYPD running into burning buildings to save strangers lives, only to give their own. Who thought the buildings would fall to the ground?
Today I remember what it was like to walk out of my NYC apartment and feel truly afraid, for the first time in my life.
Today I remember the fear I felt walking into my apartment not knowing if home was safe.
Today I remember what it was like to walk on the streets of the city and not be able to see a place that wasn’t covered in signs and posters asking have you seen…my daughter, my son, my husband, my wife, my mother, my father or my friend? Faces of innocent people.
Today I remember the tractor trailers that drove down Broadway in a convoy. I remember the tears that fell down my face when I realized their purpose while I stand waiting to cross the street.
Today I remember solid, good people I knew who perished.
Today I remember the smell of burning rubble that lasted for months after the attack.
Today I remember the nightmares I could not shake for quite some time. As an American, I felt violated. As a New Yorker, I felt attacked. As a human, I felt extreme sadness and disbelief by my species.
Today I remember being impressed by President Bush who pulled our country together in the face of adversity. A President who started the first month of his term confronted with the worst attack on our country in history.
Today I remember what it felt like being “trapped” on an island. Manhattan is an island.
Today I remember the unity and toughness of New Yorkers bonding in a difficult time.

Today I am reminded how lucky I am to be an American.
Today I am reminded that the most important place in life is being home surrounded by those we love.
Today I am reminded that I love creating homes for people that feel safe and happy.
Today I am reminded that I have not forgotten a single element and how I felt this day ten years ago.
Today I am reminded that I was changed on 9/11.

Today I hope you are celebrating life without fear, yet with remembrance. God Bless America.

{written by Lisa at Hamptontoes, September 11, 2011}

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  1. Hamptontoes says:

    Thank you for sharing my thoughts. Also, I’ve added you to my blogroll, not sure why I hadn’t done it sooner. Best always.