marcy’s message: show someone that you care

Are you looking for that special gift to show someone that you care? I have an idea for something that is different, inexpensive, and unexpected! {And you don’t have to worry about size or color!}

What is this gift? Carbon monoxide detectors! A gift that can save lives.

Remember how Shelley Holmes’ family had a recent scare because of a buildup of carbon monoxide in their home? It was a carbon monoxide detector that alerted them to the problem.

Well, the kind folks at Aubuchon Hardware have stepped forward and are offering a 10% discount on all of their carbon monoxide detectors! It’s so simple, you can order online at {how easy is that!} and enter the promo code: CARB MONO to receive your discount.

Shelley and I have been so pleased that people are joining in on our mission to spread the word about using carbon monoxide detectors. Won’t you please help? Make sure that your home, and the homes of the people that you love, has functioning carbon monoxide detectors – each home needs at least two. And please help us to spread the word, so that others are safe and protected as well. Show that you care…

{We are not affiliated with Aubuchon Hardware and are not receiving anything except the good feeling of knowing that peoples’ lives may be saved by using carbon monoxide detectors.}

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