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{This week I am featuring information about the business side of blogging. Who better to listen to than the bloggers who are making it happen!}

From: Colour Me Happy – 3 Ways to Write a Design Blog People Will Read by Maria Killam

Be Bossy (but in a charming way)

Every time I make a statement like ‘Accent tiles are bad’, ‘White Kitchens are the be all and end all’ or ‘Gray only works in the company of colour‘, I get comments like “OMG Maria you talk like having a White Kitchen is like a religion” for example, and well, it’s true.

So here’s the thing, that kind of comment would have annoyed me before my brand manager had this conversation with me when I started video blogging (this was after he came over, chained me to my chair and stood there with the camera until he got a video out of me). He said “Many people who go on the net are looking for the answer” They have a headache. You have the cure. So the more opinionated you are with your design aesthetic, the better. Readers who think their house is the ‘exception to the rule’ might take issue with your ‘black and white’ statements and that’s perfectly fine.

If you love white kitchens and are looking for validation that you should choose a painted cabinet over a stained one, you’ll get that here. If you love the look of an espresso kitchen, you’ll keep surfing, no problem, I’m okay with it. You won’t find a post on the beauty of… continue

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