blogging business: Emily A. Clark

{This week I am featuring information about the business side of blogging. Who better to listen to than the bloggers who are making it happen!}

From: Emily A. Clark – Thoughts on Building Your Blog

~When first starting out, write often.  I was told to post at least once everyday, and for the most part I still post most weekdays.  I’m not going to lie; it’s a lot of work.  If you’re doing it for a hobby, blog when you want.  If you are doing it to grow your business or get your name/work out there, then blog a lot.

~That being said, don’t just post to be posting.  Have something to say.  Readers are quick to see how much effort (or lack thereof) you have put into what you post.

~I know it’s been said 100 times on 100 other blogs, but I believe original content is key.  Although there are some very successful blogs that primarily post pictures straight out of magazines on a consistent basis, I personally would rather see somebody’s real house that is decorated “just alright” than pictures of a perfect designer showhouse that has already been in a magazine.  Part of this is just because I’m nosy; but I think there’s lots of other people out there that feel the same way.

~Consistent original content is alot of work.  I would love to show you a new… continue

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2 Responses to blogging business: Emily A. Clark

  1. SPOT ON! We say the same thing – Original Content! That is the key. That is not to say that being a Curator is not important, it is SO key because that circulates the information. But when it is done within the confines of Original presentation and thought, then it sings! Great post thank you Emily!

    Marcy – this is such a great idea! And thanks for including us in this series as well!

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