Irene Turner, Little Bits of Beauty™

Image by Jonathan Robinson

Irene Turner’s blog Little Bits of Beauty recently highlighted the work of Jonathan Robinson. Jonathan’s work is two-fold. There is his work as a fine artist, using pastels in a large format to create images with ‘exquisite detail. He then brushes back over them, to obscure the details, in a process analogous to forgetting a memory.’

Image by Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan’s other passion is Linières-Bouton, a small town in the Loire Valley of France where he is preserving the architecture and restoring the charm of this country village. All of the proceeds from his paintings and prints are going towards this restoration.

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Irene shows more of Jonathan’s artwork on her blog along with the details to purchase his exquisite pieces. She also did a video with the artist where she chats with him about his work. There are also more details of the charming water mill that he has restored.

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