In Memoriam: Albert Hadley 1921-2012

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Albert Hadley last Thursday. Though I only met him once, I would often see him around town. An unassuming man, he would be sitting at the counter of the sandwich shop having lunch or be in quiet conversation with others.

In November of 2010, Rooms with a View presented a tribute to Mr. Hadley. As I toured the rooms that were created by the many designers that had worked with him, I had a greater appreciation for his impact on the world of design. He truly was the ‘Dean of American Design.’ As I left the building, there standing by himself in the afternoon sunshine was Mr. Hadley. I took the opportunity to chat with him and asked if I might take his photo. He was warm and gracious, and the resulting photo is what you see above.

Take some time to read the tributes that been written by several bloggers. There are beautiful stories and memories, as well as quotes and images of Albert Hadley’s truly timeless designs.

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