marcy’s message: Blogfest 2012

After the success of Blogfest last year, I didn’t know what this year’s event would be like.

Was it possible for it to be as good? The answer is Yes!

And I think it was even better!


What makes Blogfest great?

  • The Kravet family – Kravet is a fourth-generation American family business. Utta and Larry Kravet, their daughter Ellen, and their sons Scott and Cary, along with Cary’s wife, Lisa, are all involved with the company. {Kravet, and their other lines of Lee Jofa and Brunschwig & Fils were the sponsors of Blogfest.} Everyone was gracious and welcoming. And even with 150+ attendees, there was Ellen, greeting us by name and inquiring how we were doing. And as Cary guided a group of bloggers through the Kravet offices and introduced the company’s designers and employees, it was evident that there was a mutual respect and admiration. This is a family that attended each event with a smile. Thank you so much for making Blogfest so special! 

  • Beth Greene, Jennifer Powell and their team– Beth {Executive VP of Marketing and Strategic Branding at Kravet} had the idea of creating Blogfest and pulled the whole concept together. Jen {Social Media Coordinator at Kravet} seems to be everywhere at once, making sure things are running smoothly while at the same time answering emails, tweeting, and fielding questions. And there were lots of friendly support staff guiding us to events, handing out information and snacks, and making sure that we were taken care of. 

  • The editors and designers that talked with us – An all-star lineup of Editors-in-Chief from the top magazines: Margaret Russell of Architectural Digest, Dara Caponigro of Veranda, Newell Turner of House Beautiful and Ann Maine of Traditional Home.  They were enthusiastic and informative, and gave generously of their time as they stayed and chatted individually with us and posed for photos. Where else can you meet and talk with Jamie Drake, Thom Filicia, Michael Herold, Jill Goldberg, Jon Call, Darryl Carter, Tim Whealon, Vicente Wolfe, Keith Granet, Robert Brown, Miles Redd and Alexa Hampton? These designers shared their philosophies, tips, style – and humor! 

  • Sponsors that gave so generously that we were headed home with bags and bags of goodies! Sponsors like Lee Rhodes of glassybaby whose voice would catch and eyes teared up as she described her company’s mission of donating money to help those who were living with cancer. This is her story… 

  • And the bloggers! Talented, friendly, chatty, funny, opinionated – they are fantastic people. Getting the chance to sit and talk with them, to share ideas, to hear their thoughts, to get to know them – it was invaluable.

There are many more pieces to Blogfest – I’ve just touched on the ones that stood out for me this year – and that was the people!

I hope that you’ll have the opportunity to attend Blogfest one year and experience it for yourself.

{All photos from Blogfest2012}
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