Tamara was told, ‘We don’t like bloggers’

Tamara of Get It Girl Style was out shopping the other day and saw something in a store that she wanted to share on her blog. She asked the store employee if she could take a picture and was told ‘no.’ When she explained that she was a blogger and that she wanted to post the photo on her blog, she was told, ‘We don’t like bloggers.’  When she asked why, see what they replied…

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2 Responses to Tamara was told, ‘We don’t like bloggers’

  1. kristy says:

    I was asked to not take pictures in a grocery store last week. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why. It was a good picture, honest!
    Shouldn’t everyone love bloggers? 🙂

  2. I was at the D&D building in NYC earlier this year and all but one of the showrooms were happy to have me take pictures of their wares. Why wouldn’t they be? I am promoting them to an audience who might never see what they have otherwise. One of the showrooms called me a day or two later (I left my card at each place when I asked if I could photograph), and told me that someone had seen something on my blog, and called them asking about it, and was very interested in using the fabric on a job they were doing. When the sales person asked how they’d found out about it, they said it was on a blog. With a little hunting, the sales person found out what it was and that I had taken the picture and linked to their site. So she called to thank me.

    That’s why you should let bloggers take pictures and promote your business.