marcy’s message: my summer vacation

The Marston House by Katy Elliot

After reading about the Maine shops that Katy Elliot writes about, such as The Marston House in Wiscasset, our family headed for a trip along the seacoast of Maine.

John Sideli

While we were in Wiscasset, we ventured into the studio of John Sideli. We loved seeing the innovative artwork that he creates of collected items, and the antique pieces. It was delightful to spend some time chatting with him.

By chance we rode past the ‘Wedding Cake House’ in Kennebunk (also known as the George W. Bourne House), where my son snapped this photograph. With all of its Gothic details you can see why it is one of the most photographed houses in Maine. If  you are following Mary McDonald on Twitter, it seems that she saw it also.

Company C

Following dinner down by the water, in the Old Port section of Portland, we strolled by Company C with its luscious windows full of colorful furniture and decor – how I wished the store was open that evening!

Maine Home +Design photo by Trent Bell

When we returned home, I went looking for more info about Maine and found the websites for Maine and Maine Home +Design magazines. I promptly subscribed to both magazines! {By the way, I corresponded with someone on the staff who was one of the sweetest people!} Each publication looks amazing and I think they will satisfy my desire for the Maine seacoast until our next visit.


On a side note: it seems like some bloggers are taking a break or lightening their schedule and are not posting as often. I think that finding that balance is important so that you really enjoy blogging and that it doesn’t become a chore.

I’m curious… Have you seen the same thing? Has your blogging routine changed?

How was your summer vacation?


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