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As power and internet have just returned to my home after storm Sandy, I am just now seeing the devastation that occurred along the eastern coast. Horrific images of flooding and damage. We are still seeing the effects locally and my heart goes out to all of those who are suffering through such loss, mess and pain.

Bloggers have been talking about Sandy:

  • Rosemary’s pictures of neighborhood damage
  • How Jo and her family handled hurricane week
  • the contrasts of life in NYC that Nicole documents
  • the importance of ‘home’ that Jess feels
  • heading into the weekend, a diversion from Carolyn & Cynthia

As Laurie writes, “So, as I get back to blogging . . . , I will refrain at least for now from writing about interior decoration, when what so many people need right now are interiors.”

And as Shelley remembers, please stay safe.


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