Where have all the bloggers gone?

Oh I know there are lots of bloggers out there, but you have to have seen the swing this last year with many bloggers not posting as often and some well-established bloggers disappearing for a while. There are lots of other social media channels now with Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook all gaining ground giving bloggers lots of other areas to showcase there ideas and thoughts. But it may also be a time issue. Blogging takes time. And many bloggers may now realize that they need a better balance in their lives where family and friends, ‘real life’, gets more of their time.

I applaud this shift. My favorite blogs are the ones that are authentic, with a distinct point of view, with no apologies for not posting for x amount of time, but just bring something interesting when they do post. Now I know that with a commitment to advertisers, there may be a pressure to put something out there – anything – just to keep the posts going. But it is your individual views that make your blog special. Your ‘voice’ gives your posts their own uniqueness, even if it is a topic that others are blogging about.

So I say “relax”, blog when you can because we love to hear what you have to say, explore other channels, but continue to blog because it is one of the few forms where you can use both your words and your images to create an individual message that you control.

This is the start of my third year of covering blogs here on stylesson – I have some outstanding blogs that I will be showcasing! – and I am still as excited to share those bloggers with you. One change that I’ve made is to turn off comments on this website. I would prefer if you would leave a comment on the blog of the blogger that I’m featuring, or if you want to talk with me about that particular feature you can pick up the conversation on Facebook or Twitter, or email me directly.

So keep blogging, at whatever pace seems right for you, and I will continue to enjoy reading your posts and sharing what is happening in the world of design blogs!

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