Our Style Stories

Hilary Walker {photo by Amanda Marie Lackey}

If you were on vacation last week, you may have missed the debut of Hilary Walker’s new site Our Style Stories. It is not to be missed! With a fresh look at the personal style of trendsetters, Hilary shows what sets them apart. Their choices for fashion, home and design are all shared and beautifully documented. But I love that Hilary also goes deeper than that.

Beyond the attractive exterior, however, Hilary is very much interested in the inner matters that make creative and successful folks “tick”. What inspires them, challenges them, how have they found their success, and what motivates their art, craft, or calling?

Hilary and her husband David tell their own style story and it is the perfect way to get to know them. (Did you see their puppy dog, Ives?) Be sure to follow along on facebook, too. And for some of the cool items that you see on the site, check out the shop that they have! Love, love, love!

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