cj dellatore

As I was researching my last post, I began reading some of the other features on the cj dellatore site: designfashionbusiness and technology – wow, fabulous stuff! There is also a tab called ‘point of view’ for features on other designers. See much to explore!

It’s no wonder that the site contains so much fabulous information since it is headed up by Carl Dellatore along with Carl Lana and Anthony Costa. Carl has a pretty impressive list of credentials. He is known as a textile expert and he designs textiles while also working on designs for wallpaper and furniture. In addition, he’s manufactured custom home furnishings, restored historical properties (including this one that appeared in House & Garden), authored The Fabric Style Book, been a magazine writer, and has appeared many times on Martha Stewart’s “Living” television show. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next!

Meanwhile, I have lots of reading to do… enjoy your weekend!




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