Ted Kennedy Watson

Ted Kennedy Watson

Ted Kennedy Watson is that guy that greets you warmly, tells a witty story and charms all those around him. These are all wonderful qualities to have especially when you are the ‘shop keeper’ of Seattle’s Watson Kennedy shops.

Ted’s daily blog (daily!) is a must-read. As he shares the things that catch his eye, you are treated to exquisite flowers, entertaining ideas, delectable recipes, thoughtful quotes, glimpses of decorating from his houses, new finds that are arriving in the stores, and through this you can see his appreciation for the beauty that he finds all around him.

And now Ted has written a book, Style & Simplicity, to be released in May 2014. (Isn’t that cover gorgeous!) It is sure to be a delight.

Today happens to be Ted’s birthday, a significant birthday, and I wish for him a day of exquisite joy and celebration. Thank you so much for all that you give us, Ted, and have a happy, happy birthday!

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