2013… 2014

As one year ends, and another begins, it is often a time for reflection. And so it is here. As more and more blogs have appeared, there have also been more forms of social media vying for attention (Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest, google+, etc.). ¬†At times it feels like the noise level has been turned up too high. And instead of yelling to compete, I stay quiet. I’ve been watching how design bloggers are handling this too – each choosing their own path for their voice. Some have stopped blogging, or reduced the frequency to allow time to pursue other outlets or ventures, and others remain happily steadfast with their blogging adventure. So while there are design bloggers, I am choosing to highlight them and talk about things that are happening in the design blogging world.

I took this photo in Frances Palmer’s garden. Well, actually, this part of her garden is growing on the tennis court! See how all of those plants have sprouted from that small crack? How strong and vibrant they are! Just like you are. Finding your spot and standing tall for all of the world to see.

As you go into 2014, I wish for you the space to be yourself, to grow and flourish, and to make it an amazing year!

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