BlogTourNYC: The Lessons – Tess Casey

The Flower District in NYC… a place of beauty and intrigue as people bustle about with armloads of the most exquisite flowers. We were treated to a private tour of the shops and a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the floral community.

Tess Casey

The vivacious Tess Casey, the owner of Aisling Flowers, led us through the aisles, pointing out special flowers and offering tips on selection.

Tess produces flower arrangements for all types of occasions but she specializes in ‘camera ready’ flowers that are used on television and movie sets. For example, she did the flowers for the Sex in the City movie. One part of that included making 50 identical bridal bouquets that were specially designed to fall apart in the scene where Carrie hits Mr. Big with her bouquet. Lots of work goes into creating that movie magic!

Tess instructed us on the basics of floral design and then handed each of us a bucket of flowers and a vase to create our own arrangements.

It was surprising to see how many variations of floral arrangements could be created using the same flowers. This is a creative group and each arrangement was unique and beautiful.

This is the first BlogTour that featured lessons and though we all appreciate the beauty and freshness that flowers can bring to an environment, few of us knew the specifics of creating a good arrangement. Tess was a patient instructor giving us pointers on the techniques used but allowing our own creativity to take over in the design.

Typhanie Peterson

Thank you Tess for your time, patience and inspiration. It was a delight to spend a morning with you at your studio. And  special thanks to Megan Reilly and Troy Hanson of WestEdge Design Fair for scheduling this event!

I participated in an expense-paid trip to New York City as part of Modenus’ BlogTourNYC.

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