BlogTourNYC: The People


Before I left for #BlogTourNYC, a friend suggested that this could be a life-changing event. Now I understand.

BlogTourNYC group with Bunny Williams

Veronika Miller of Modenus has a skill for not only selecting people for the appropriate city for each BlogTour but also for combining a group of unique personalities. Our group seemed to bond from the instant that we met each other. So much so that even when we weren’t scheduled to be together, we were meeting up to spend more time with each other.

We walked and talked…

Walking in NYC

Marc and Jill Abelman

…learned and shared,

Vicki Gladle Bolick

Alison Habermehl and Jeanne Chung

Deborah Main

Maureen Coates

…oohed and aahed over designs, ate and drank, and laughed!

And we were made to feel welcome wherever we went.

Veronika and her girls made it look effortless but they worked hard to pull together this fabulous trip.

Veronika Miller with her daughters

Friendships and memories were created.

Thank you so much V!

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