Fresh is the New Green

Photo by Jessica Gordon Ryan

I was delighted to visit the Wheelock Maidique showroom in Old Greenwich, CT last evening. I’ve known Chuck Wheelock through social media but I hadn’t met him and I wanted to see a new kitchen feature that they were introducing.

Chuck Wheelock

Chuck and his partner, Mark Alex Maidique, were fun, knowledgable and entertaining but I wasn’t prepared to be so dazzled by the Chefs EcoWall Garden.

Chefs EcoWall Garden

You may remember that I adore having fresh herbs on my kitchen windowsill. Well this unit takes it to a whole new level. It is light, bright, fresh and a showstopper in a kitchen. Imagine being able to grow fresh veggies and herbs, year round, right on your kitchen wall. I was smitten. Bravo Wheelock Maidique!

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