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With an esthetic that is clean and modern, Alison Habermehl of hdSTYLESTUDIO (a division of Habermehl Design Group Inc.) designs and decorates residential and small commercial interiors. Her style is inspired by “contemporary design that’s fresh, organic, sophisticated and uncomplicated.” The hdSTYLESTUDIO blog … Continue reading

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Maureen Coates of Modecor has found her niche. ‘Big Style for Small Spaces’ perfectly defines her design focus. It takes a special talent to be able to skillful fit the pieces that you need into a smaller space and she … Continue reading

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With a background in fashion design, Jeanne Chung brings her eye for color and design to the world of interior design. She is quickly able to spot design trends and shares those on her blog, Cozy•Stylish•Chic. Now she is able to … Continue reading

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The Ace of Space Blog

Vicki Gladle Bolick is the owner and principal designer of Bolick Interiors,LLC. Her blog, The Ace of Space, has been gaining lots of recognition since it was launched. Vicki’s passion for design shows as she is able to skillfully weave … Continue reading

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Inside Style

Meet the dynamic design duo of Jill and Marc Abelman. Jill heads up the design at Inside Style, while Marc concentrates on finance and marketing. You will find that their blog offers a fresh view of the behind-the-scenes action that … Continue reading

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Modenus: BlogTourNYC

Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus, is rolling out more and more BlogTours covering the major design capitals around the world. Just back from Las Vegas and the KBIS show, they are now getting ready for the next one (in less … Continue reading

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Eddie Ross

  Eddie Ross took a break from blogging but now he’s back! It was a busy year for him with a new job at Better Homes & Gardens and a new house with Jaithan (Pine Hill Farm), but Eddie continues … Continue reading

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2013… 2014

As one year ends, and another begins, it is often a time for reflection. And so it is here. As more and more blogs have appeared, there have also been more forms of social media vying for attention (Twitter, Instragram, … Continue reading

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Ted Kennedy Watson

Ted Kennedy Watson is that guy that greets you warmly, tells a witty story and charms all those around him. These are all wonderful qualities to have especially when you are the ‘shop keeper’ of Seattle’s Watson Kennedy shops. Ted’s … Continue reading

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Dogs on blogs…

Dogs have been taking over the blogs recently. Here are just a few: sfgirlbybay – A calendar has been created featuring bloggers’ pets with all proceeds to benefit The Humane Society. cococozy – lots of pooches snuggling up with the … Continue reading

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