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Ted Kennedy Watson

Ted Kennedy Watson is that guy that greets you warmly, tells a witty story and charms all those around him. These are all wonderful qualities to have especially when you are the ‘shop keeper’ of Seattle’s Watson Kennedy shops. Ted’s … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung!

Ah, spring, the time for rejuvenation and renewal. Besides freshening and lightening up interiors, bloggers are finding other ways to welcome the season: Flowers, color and a fun giveaway on Elizabeth’s blog. Toma’s real life story of starting over. Spring … Continue reading

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Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs

Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole are the vivacious duo behind Kandrac & Kole Interiors. In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. they’ve posted an inspirational table that they’ve created using one of Dr. King’s quotes. This table is in the … Continue reading

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marcy’s message: my summer vacation

After reading about the Maine shops that Katy Elliot writes about, such as The Marston House in Wiscasset, our family headed for a trip along the seacoast of Maine. While we were in Wiscasset, we ventured into the studio of … Continue reading

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Karin Lidbeck-Brent

Karin Lidbeck-Brent creates magic! As a photo stylist, she works with a photographer to create beautiful photographs. Karin recently teamed up with photographer Miki Duisterhof and the editorial team of Country Living to photograph a breakfast room that became the … Continue reading

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Bogle Street

Katie Rosenfeld is a Boston-based interior designer who shares her designs and inspiration on Bogle Street. I love her passion for design!  Take this chinoiserie fabric. Katie has been waiting for just the right spot to use it and she’s … Continue reading

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Kelsey on the House

Brian Kelsey has a larger-than-life personality that lights up a room. It seems only natural to find him in front of a camera or microphone talking about renovation and DIY ideas. Today and tomorrow, Brian is teaming up with Kelley … Continue reading

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for the love of design

Lifestyle expert, Kelley L. Moore, is vibrant, exuberant and full of fun! Just looking at her blog, for the love of design, you get a sense of her passion for life. Part of this passion comes from her ability to … Continue reading

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Kimberly Taylor Images

You would like Mimi. ‘She rides her vintage pink bicyclette with its straw basket to the local boulangerie each morning, and spends her afternoons gardening or in her sun-filled studio shooting macarons.’ Mimi is Kimberly Taylor’s alter-ego. What you’ll find on … Continue reading

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katy elliott

Join katy elliott for a walk through a New England town where spring is just starting to bloom. Katy and Greg are renovating a wonderful, old house and she shares the progress as well as inspirational design and food features.

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