With an esthetic that is clean and modern, Alison Habermehl of hdSTYLESTUDIO (a division of Habermehl Design Group Inc.) designs and decorates residential and small commercial interiors. Her style is inspired by “contemporary design that’s fresh, organic, sophisticated and uncomplicated.”

The hdSTYLESTUDIO blog gives you a glance at Alison’s current design finds, inspiration from her travels, and a behind-the-scenes look at designs in progress.

Alison and I will be participating in an expense-paid trip to New York City as part of Modenus’ BlogTourNYC.

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Maureen Coates of Modecor has found her niche. ‘Big Style for Small Spaces’ perfectly defines her design focus. It takes a special talent to be able to skillful fit the pieces that you need into a smaller space and she does this with flair along with a savvy understanding of color.

With the desire to live simply and smaller, it makes sense to scale down the space that we live in. Maureen shows how it can be done without it feeling cramped and tiny. There is also a spirit that shines through, a sense of happiness and delight, in each space. Follow along on her blog.

Maureen and I will be participating in an expense-paid trip to New York City as part of Modenus’ BlogTourNYC.

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Hand rendering by Jeanne Chung

With a background in fashion design, Jeanne Chung brings her eye for color and design to the world of interior design. She is quickly able to spot design trends and shares those on her blog, Cozy•Stylish•Chic.

Now she is able to capture those trends and bring them to you in her new online shop! And if that’s not enough to keep her busy, Jeanne has been selected to be one of High Point Market’s Style Spotters next month!


Jeanne and I will be participating in an expense-paid trip to New York City as part of Modenus’ BlogTourNYC

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The Ace of Space Blog

Designer/ Bolick Interiors- Photo/ Christina Wedge

Vicki Gladle Bolick is the owner and principal designer of Bolick Interiors,LLC. Her blog, The Ace of Space, has been gaining lots of recognition since it was launched. Vicki’s passion for design shows as she is able to skillfully weave a client’s existing furnishings with updated pieces to create fresh, new spaces. It follows her belief that “we should always make more room for beauty in our lives.”

Here is what she said about the room above:

We added/ or repurposed all the furnishings in the Keeping Room, the rug was shipped over from Singapore, and we used the client’s own artwork as a spring board for the warm color palette. Although, they are more traditionalists the art collection leans more toward contemporary. We recovered their sofa in a fabric that was reminiscent of grasscloth (another nod to Asia), the rest are from Hickory Chair, and Bernhardt.

See more of Vicki’s design inspiration at The Ace of Space Blog.


Vicki and I will be participating in an expense-paid trip to New York City as part of Modenus’ BlogTourNYC

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Inside Style

Jill and Marc Abelman

Meet the dynamic design duo of Jill and Marc Abelman. Jill heads up the design at Inside Style, while Marc concentrates on finance and marketing. You will find that their blog offers a fresh view of the behind-the-scenes action that goes into each of their design projects.

Based in Las Vegas, Jill offers a sophisticated, glamorous style that she often mixes up with organic materials to create “Organiglam”. Follow along at Inside Style.


Jill and Marc will be joining me on an expense-paid trip to New York City as part of Modenus’ BlogTourNYC

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Modenus: BlogTourNYC

Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus, is rolling out more and more BlogTours covering the major design capitals around the world. Just back from Las Vegas and the KBIS show, they are now getting ready for the next one (in less than a month!) in New York City. There will be events that focus on design as well as a visit to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. New this time will be meetings with photographers, stylists, designers and others that will make this a learning event as they share their tips and tricks.

I am delighted (excited / humbled / thrilled!) to be included in this BlogTour! New York City may be in my backyard but there is so much there that I never get a chance to see. I am looking forward to absorbing as much as I can. I also can’t wait to meet the other bloggers and learn with the pros during the BlogTour events.

Follow along on Modenus’ blog for more BlogTour information and lots of design news.

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Eddie Ross


Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross took a break from blogging but now he’s back! It was a busy year for him with a new job at Better Homes & Gardens and a new house with Jaithan (Pine Hill Farm), but Eddie continues with the things that have endeared him to us: fabulous entertaining, antiquing finds and decorating transformations. Catch up with what he’s been doing.

Pine Hill Farm


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2013… 2014

As one year ends, and another begins, it is often a time for reflection. And so it is here. As more and more blogs have appeared, there have also been more forms of social media vying for attention (Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest, google+, etc.).  At times it feels like the noise level has been turned up too high. And instead of yelling to compete, I stay quiet. I’ve been watching how design bloggers are handling this too – each choosing their own path for their voice. Some have stopped blogging, or reduced the frequency to allow time to pursue other outlets or ventures, and others remain happily steadfast with their blogging adventure. So while there are design bloggers, I am choosing to highlight them and talk about things that are happening in the design blogging world.

I took this photo in Frances Palmer’s garden. Well, actually, this part of her garden is growing on the tennis court! See how all of those plants have sprouted from that small crack? How strong and vibrant they are! Just like you are. Finding your spot and standing tall for all of the world to see.

As you go into 2014, I wish for you the space to be yourself, to grow and flourish, and to make it an amazing year!

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Ted Kennedy Watson

Ted Kennedy Watson

Ted Kennedy Watson is that guy that greets you warmly, tells a witty story and charms all those around him. These are all wonderful qualities to have especially when you are the ‘shop keeper’ of Seattle’s Watson Kennedy shops.

Ted’s daily blog (daily!) is a must-read. As he shares the things that catch his eye, you are treated to exquisite flowers, entertaining ideas, delectable recipes, thoughtful quotes, glimpses of decorating from his houses, new finds that are arriving in the stores, and through this you can see his appreciation for the beauty that he finds all around him.

And now Ted has written a book, Style & Simplicity, to be released in May 2014. (Isn’t that cover gorgeous!) It is sure to be a delight.

Today happens to be Ted’s birthday, a significant birthday, and I wish for him a day of exquisite joy and celebration. Thank you so much for all that you give us, Ted, and have a happy, happy birthday!

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Dogs on blogs…

Dogs have been taking over the blogs recently. Here are just a few:

  • sfgirlbybay – A calendar has been created featuring bloggers’ pets with all proceeds to benefit The Humane Society.

  • cococozy – lots of pooches snuggling up with the beautiful cococozy throws.

  • desiretoinspire – with their Monday’s Pets on Furniture series, your dog can be a star too.

  • Fresh American – discover the colorful, fun pet portraits by Katelyn Luczynski-Banks.

  • Breakfast at Toast – prayers for Buddy as he is going through some medical issues and hugs to Danielle who loves him deeply.



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