So, you like numbers. Especially orderly ones like today’s date. Some people grab the chance to have an easy-to-remember anniversary and get married. Many people think it’s a lucky date. So why not do something memorable! Do a random act of kindness ~ something extra special for someone in this world.

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Did you know that today is also Human Race Day?

Imagine ONE day around the globe where we focus on what we have in common.  It doesn’t matter what our politics are, our religion, where we come from, what our positions and stances are on a variety of issues.

We can be kind everyday and most of us will.   We want to add a concentrated effort on one day and really make a WOW impact, a Wave Effect!  

So put this day to good use – do something memorable!

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Veterans Day 2013


For Veterans Day, Melissa at 320 Sycamore offers a beautiful photo with inspiring words as part of her ‘courage for the week’ series.

Melissa’s blog isn’t named after her address. Do you recognize the street? It is the address of the house in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” that Mary dreams about and then makes into a home for George. Melissa uses this same transformational philosophy “to bring out the charm and potential in our homes and families” for her blog.

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The Cocktail Whisperer

Warren Bobrow

If you’ve been to a design bloggers’ event, you have probably met Warren Bobrow [often with Klaus, ‘the Soused Gnome’ by his side]. The creator of sophisticated concoctions, made with the freshest of ingredients, he is a true mixologist.

Warren’s drinks are unique and so is he. He has been an owner of a fresh pasta company, a trained chef and a banker! He is also a photographer, blogger, writer of many articles on food and drink, and now is the author of his first book: Apothecary Cocktails, Restoratives from Yesterday and Today.

Here is a bit about the book:

At the turn of the century, pharmacies in Europe and America prepared homemade tinctures, bitters, and herbal remedies mixed with alcohol for curative benefit for everything from poor digestion to the common cold. Today, trendy urban bars such as Apothke in New York, Apo Bar & Lounge in Philadelphia, and 1022 South in Tacoma, as well as “vintage” and “homegrown” cocktail aficionados, find inspiration in apothecary cocktails of old. Now you can too!

Warren is genuine and a delight to talk with. This is sure to be a popular book (what a great hostess gift!) and we wish him much success. 

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There went September…

Frances Palmer Pottery

And whoosh, just like that the month is gone.

Here is some of what happened in September:

Welcome to October!

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cj dellatore

As I was researching my last post, I began reading some of the other features on the cj dellatore site: designfashionbusiness and technology – wow, fabulous stuff! There is also a tab called ‘point of view’ for features on other designers. See much to explore!

It’s no wonder that the site contains so much fabulous information since it is headed up by Carl Dellatore along with Carl Lana and Anthony Costa. Carl has a pretty impressive list of credentials. He is known as a textile expert and he designs textiles while also working on designs for wallpaper and furniture. In addition, he’s manufactured custom home furnishings, restored historical properties (including this one that appeared in House & Garden), authored The Fabric Style Book, been a magazine writer, and has appeared many times on Martha Stewart’s “Living” television show. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next!

Meanwhile, I have lots of reading to do… enjoy your weekend!




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CJ Dellatore talks to Irene Turner about Pinterest

Interested in getting the most out of Pinterest for your interior design work? CJ Dellatore spoke with Irene Turner about how she incorporates Pinterest into her daily schedule and how she got more than 4,500,000 followers! Lots of great information.

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Todd Vendituoli has raised a challenging question about the role of the designer. What is the designer’s responsibility when the client is requesting something that might not be the best choice for them?

For almost 30 years Todd has been a builder and he has seen this situation arise before. What would you do? Join the discussion at BuildingBlox on whether the designer should try to sway their client ~ and how to do it.

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The Inspired Room

Congratulations to Melissa Michaels for 6 years of inspired blogging! This is no small fete and it is fun to see how The Inspired Room has transformed through the years – and yet the style and spirit are consistent.  Melissa shares her journey and how the world of blogging has changed – and what she has learned! – since she started.

There are so many opportunities through blogging – why aren’t more people doing this?


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Our Style Stories

Hilary Walker {photo by Amanda Marie Lackey}

If you were on vacation last week, you may have missed the debut of Hilary Walker’s new site Our Style Stories. It is not to be missed! With a fresh look at the personal style of trendsetters, Hilary shows what sets them apart. Their choices for fashion, home and design are all shared and beautifully documented. But I love that Hilary also goes deeper than that.

Beyond the attractive exterior, however, Hilary is very much interested in the inner matters that make creative and successful folks “tick”. What inspires them, challenges them, how have they found their success, and what motivates their art, craft, or calling?

Hilary and her husband David tell their own style story and it is the perfect way to get to know them. (Did you see their puppy dog, Ives?) Be sure to follow along on facebook, too. And for some of the cool items that you see on the site, check out the shop that they have! Love, love, love!

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July 4th

Happy Independence Day! I hope you’ll find a sweet space to relax and enjoy the day. Along with fireworks, good food and lots of water fun, take time to remember how lucky we are to enjoy all of the freedom that we have.

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